Looking Back at the First Year

It is almost hard to believe that it’s been a year since I started this blog. From its simple beginnings on a blog page, quickly moving over to the real website here, it has been an exciting 12 months that has deeply moved me. I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing products, manufacturers, bloggers, and fellow audiophiles. I think back to names like Prairie Audio Man Cave, PS Audio, Audio Art, Kanto, Linear Tube Audio, Sennheiser, and Audeze, and I’m almost overwhelmed with the support I’ve had in this infantile first year.

I’ve also had the opportunity to write about my own gear- Pioneer (Elite, Silver-faced, and vintage), Klipsch, Rotel, Mission, and lots more. My personal accounts of things like my wedding, yard work, and roof being mistakenly torn off my house got woven into stories of audio, somehow.

Most importantly, I’ve become more and more inspired, and realize that I need to write and post more frequently. As I watch the reader base grow, I feel the need to bring all of you more content each month. There will be more new product reviews as my relationships with manufacturers grows stronger. I have some great vintage gear articles in the hopper as I’m writing this. In any case, this is all about you, the reader, as much fun as this for me, the writer. Please let me know what you’d like to see more of!

Many thanks to all those to make this all possible. To the fine folks that allow me to review their outstanding products month after month, I say a sincere thank you. To my editor-in-chief and beautiful wife, Amy, I give eternal gratitude – thank you for the constant inspiration (and fire under my ass). To my good friend Juan Ayllon of Prairie Audio Man Cave and huge source of power, I’m forever in your debt. To all the friends and family who love to give me gear, I say keep it coming, and I will keep writing! Thank you for contributing to my behavior.

I’ll see you more in the future!

Michael “Muppet” Laurance- Audio addict

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